What is Soundfont?

  • SoundFonts are files that contain recorded audio samples of various musical instruments. PianistHD would create sound electronically from music note, using different parameters to imitate instruments.
  • More information about Soundfont:


How to get Soundfont files?

You can search for the keyword “free soundfont” from the internet or get free soundfonts from following sites:

How to load a Soundfont file to Pianist HD?

  • Download Soundfonts and decompress if necessary then copy them to your device’s storage. Pianist HD supports uncompressed soundfont format (*.sf2)
  • Launch Pianist HD then tap the Instruments icon (top-left corner of the screen) to open the Instruments Center
  • In the Instruments Center, switch to Soundfont tab (default tab is High Quality Sounds)
  • Tap the Open Soundfont button and select a Soundfont from your device’s storage to load it to Pianist HD
  • Select an instrument you want to play and enjoy





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  1. This is the best piano app I’ve ever used. It could be much better if the app supports long sustain, I mean pressing and holding a key doesn’t play the sound continuously. Rest of the things are awesome.

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